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Savety on the mountains

How to behave in the nature

Around the mountain pasture Gampe Thaya, there are lots of cattle staying during the summer month. This is their summer residence and they fell home in the mountains. Farmer and pasture chief Jakob cares for his animals and he informs his guests, to share the great nature with his animals. Here you can find some rules, that should be kept in mind, while hiking along the mountains, where animals stay:

Pictorial representation of the rules of conduct with grazing livestock
The right behaviour when hiking on the mountain
  1. Please avoid contact with grazing animals and do not feed them. Also, keep a safe distance from the animals and rather enjoy their beauty from a safe distance.
  2. Try not to be loud, do not startle cattle.
  3. Mother cows protect their calves. Avoid cows with calves especially if you have a dog with you.
  4. Always keep dogs under control and on a short leash - in case of cow attack, immediately unleash them!
  5. Do not stray from the path.
  6. If cattle block your path, give them the widest berth you can.
  7. If a cow approaches you: Stay calm, don’t turn your back on the animal and give it a wide berth.
  8. At the first sign of the animals seeming unsettled, remain calm and leave the area quickly.
  9. Respect fences! If there is a gate, use it, close it again afterwards and cross the meadow at a quick pace.
  10. Treat the people who work here, the countryside and the animals with respect!

How to prepare right for a tour in the Ötztal mountains

Pictorial representation of hikers who all want to go in a different direction.
Tour planning is the key.
  • Check your fitness and experience
    Overestimation is one of the most problems of mountaineers, who get into difficulties on the mountains. So check before you start your mountain day if you are in good physical fitness to master the tour.
    Don’t forget: You also need energy for the way back home and it could be clever to stop the tour earlier and come back home safe.
  • Plan the tour exactly
    Organize your tour in the mountains exactly. Use good maps of the area and inform yourself about the weather and the course of your tour. Locals like Family Prantl of the mountain pasture Gampe Thaya or the tourism info centre can give useful tips for a great tour in the mountains.
  • The right equipment
    Care for good equipment, when you start a tour in the Ötztal mountains. Solid and ankle-high mountain shoes, protection for rain and coldness and good sun protection are necessary components for a safe day in the mountains.
  • Stay on marked paths
    It can be fatal, to leave the marked paths in the mountains. You can end up on a rock edge and there is no way back. Stay on the marked path and you will achieve your aim.

With all these good tips you will have a great time in the Ötztal mountains. And after your mountain tour, you can visit Family Prantl at Gampe Thaya for a rest and for a good lunch – inquire here for a table.