... Delicacies all natural

5 reasons for a visit at Gampe Thaya

Experience the wonderful Oetztal on the mountain pasture in Sölden

There are lots of beautiful mountain pastures in the Oetztal valley and in the surroundings of Sölden, but if you would like to experience the real Oetztal you have to visit family Prantl at Gampe Thaya. 5 reasons, why a visit at Gampe Thaya is a must during your holidays:

Genuine Tyrolean hospitality
Enjoy dining at 2000 m over sea level

Tyrolean Gröstl (roast meat and potatoes), Kasspatzen (cheese pasta) and local herbs: this is the authentic Tyrolean cuisine served at the Gampe. Anyone who has dined on the sun terrace of the Gampe Thaya is bound to want to come back. Hot chocolate is made with real milk and the sauerkraut is shredded and prepared in-house. Take a seat in one of the cosy lounges or outside in good weather. Forget all about the stress of everyday life and start to enjoy yourself again.

1. Genuine Tyrolean hospitality
“We love what we do… and everybody can feel it”. Every guest is welcome here and you will feel it, when you enter the mountain hut.

2. Regional delicacies from Sölden and the surroundings
All dishes, served at Gampe Thaya, are made of regional ingredients. Meat products come from the own farm of Family Prantl. Suppliers and farmers from the immediate vicinity of Sölden also deliver their high-quality products to the Gampe Thaya, where they are lovingly processed into tasty dishes.

Alpine hut with local products in summer
Natural and cozy ambience in the cottages

3. Tyrolean delicacies all natural
All dishes were prepared in the same way, as the forebears cocked the Tyrolean dishes – down-to-earth, naturally, unadulterated

4. Wonderful location on 2.000 m over sea level
The mountain pasture is located on 2.000 m over sea level in the heart of the skiing and hiking area of the beautiful wood of Sölden. The panoramic view is phenomenal.

5. Natural and cozy atmosphere
The 300 years old pasture spreads a cozy and homely atmosphere. The low ceilings, the small rooms and the old walls tell stories.

Spend a break during your skiing or hiking day at Gampe Thaya. Send us your table enquiry.