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Alpine farming in Sölden

Carpaccio with salad and bread.
Enjoy meat products on the alp in Sölden

Delicious mountain cheese 2012-2022

Over 10 years there was something special at Gampe Thaya. In a mobile cheese factory, the farmer Jakob Prantl made cheese at the alpine cabin. In the summer the cows were grazing and providing us with fresh milk, which was  made to cheese and after the ripening process, it was served.

Due to a restructuring of the farm and the keeping of the cow, Family Prantl no more produces cheese.

The Tyrolean grey cattle spend the summer in the mountains and enjoys the best grass up there, as well as many herbs and flowers. You can probably imagine that these are very happy cows. The obtained meat is used for sausages, soup and other meat dishes.

Local Honey
Regional dandelion honey

Fresh products from the mountains

 The meat from the Tyrolean grey cattles will be manufactured into sausages and Kaminwurzen (dried sausages). It is also used for preparing soups and dishes like Tiroler Gröstl. Another typical Tyrolean product is made on the mountain pasture. With a traditional process, Sauerkraut is prepared.

Also jam, honey and fresh farmers bread is manufactured during the summer at the mountain pasture. You would like to bring some products back home?? You can find all the products in the Gampe Ladele, a small shop directy at Gampe Thaya.

Gampe Thaya in a few words…

… alpine farming in Sölden from June until September
…hosted by Family Prantl since the year 2000
… located on 2.000 m over sea level in the beautiful landscape of Sölden, Tirol
… tyrolean kitchen with typical dishes made from ingredients of the own farm and local farmers
… farm with cows from the breed tyrolean grey cattle
… dishes with local produced meat at the farm

Taste the tyrolean kitchen on the mountain pasture Gampe Thaya – send your table inquiry.