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Tested regional products

Regional products in the alpine pasture Gampe Thaya

The dishes at the Gampe Thaya mountain hut in the Oetztal Alps are prepared freshly every day and are made with only the very best ingredients from the region, honoured by Genuss Region Östereich. "The brand Genuss Region Österreich stands for best quality, grown locally and Austrian hospitality ."
Landlord Jakob Prantl knows exactly where the products come from and uses them to serve his guests a piece of his homeland.

The dishes served at the Gampe Thaya mountain hut in Austria are typical dishes from the region. Hearty cuisine which is both tasty and filling! The Alpine farmers have been cooking this way for centuries, always using ingredients they have produced themselves. The Gampe Thaya menu contains plenty of treats based predominantly on home-grown produce or items from the local farmers.

Tyrolean products in the alpine hut Gampe Thaya
Tyrolean products in the alpine hut Gampe Thaya

Dishes with character

The food served at the Gampe Thaya is wholesome and hearty. Hikers and skiers certainly need their energy levels topping up! Find yourself a sunny spot on the terrace or in the traditional parlour and study the menu at your leisure. What do you fancy? Tyrol Gröstl using the best beef from local farmers or Kasspatzlan pasta generously topped with mountain cheese? And to finish, one of the home-distilled schnapps is the perfect way to end a hearty meal!

Sample a piece of Tyrol during your holiday in Soelden and taste the dishes at the Gampe Thaya. Send us a non-binding holiday enquiry.

Tyrolean products in the alpine hut Gampe Thaya
Tyrolean snack in the alpine hut Gampe Thaya

The menu

All dishes, prepared at Gampe Thaya, were made with the best products of the local farmers. Find a few dishes of the menu below:

   - soup with Tyrolean bacon dumplings
   - soup with Ötztaler cheese dumplings
   - goulash soup with bread

Marende...(Tyrolean snack)
   - smoked sausage with break
   - plate with bacon, cheese from the mountains, farmers butter, bread
   - Cheese plate
   - Carpaccio from the Tyrolean grey cattle

Cheese fondue at the alpine hut Gampe Thaya
Cheese fondue in the alpine hut Gampe Thaya
   - Gampe salad with warm boiled beef of Tyrolean grey cattle
   - salad with sheep's milk cheese 
   - salad plate with dumplings
   - salad plate with slices of beef from the Tyrolean grey cattle

our specialities...
   - oven patotoe
   - potatoe in peel with homemade mountain cheese
   - homemade sausage with dumpling and cabbage
   - Tiroler Gröstl
   - Ötztaler Käsespätzle

   - homemade cake
   - apple strudel
   - cream cheese strudel
   - Kaiserschmarrn

Unique dishes at Gampe Thaya
   - meat fondue from the Tyrolean grey cattle
   - cheese fondue with mountain cheese