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History of Gampe Thaya

“Thaya” means one-room-hut. In the past, humans and animals lived together in one hut. Years ago Gampe Thaya was a summer residence of the owner family Riml. The animals and the family stayed in the mountains during the summer, to do the works on the fields.

Alpine hut in the sunshine
Historic Gampe Thaya in Tyrol

Gampe Thaya nowadays

The Gampe Thaya mountain hut in Sölden is now a popular meeting point for mountain lovers. The dishes are prepared freshly every day and are made with only the very best ingredients from the region. Guests, who are looking for silence, natural food and real Tyrolean hospitality, will have a great time at Gampe Thaya.

The mission of family Prantl

Family Prantl is grown up on their farm in Zwieselstein. It was always a mission of Jakob to bring Tyrolean specialities to the guests of Sölden. Guests, who were looking for French fries or Coca Cola weren’t right on this mountain hut. Hot chocolate made with milk from the cows is served.

Old picture shows alpine hut as it was in the past
The historic Gampe Thaya in Sölden

Historical milestones of Gampe Thaya:

  • 1981/1982
    Gampe Thaya was used for a rest during the skiing or hiking day by the hotel guests of Family Riml only
  • 1996/1997
    The first winter, where a few dishes were served for some guests, but only sporadic
  • 1999/2000
    A modern building was made by Jakob, which houses the kitchen and sanitary facilities. From now on, the mountain restaurant was run by Family Prantl in summer and in winter.
  • 2010
    Raphaela and Andreas started to work at Gampe Thaya. They first leaded the mountain restaurant “Sonnblick” in Hochsölden. Raphaela is responsible for the service and Andreas carries for all works in and around the mountain hut.
  • 2012
    The youngest daughter Anna-Lena supports the family in the kitchen.

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